Our mission is simple: Bring clinical excellence to medicine by delivering world class physicians and redefine the standard of care in telemedicine.
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Your Hospital Team Has Many Priorities

Making a telemedicine decision needs to be a strategic one. Prioritizing a variety of needs, a hospital team must bring many voices to the table in order to make a telemedicine work effectively. Use the following resources to help outline how Access Physicians is more than telemedicine as we strive to deliver enterprise-wide, scalable clinical programs across the continuum of care while preserving quality.

More about Access Physicians

For nearly a decade, Access Physicians has been the leader in providing specialty care to hospitals for high acuity patients through telemedicine.

Telecardiology in Action: Keeping patients in their communities and saving lives

Cardiology is an in-demand specialty

With an aging U.S. population experiencing increased chronic disease burden from diabetes
to high blood pressure, the demand for cardiologists is growing. For hospitals in rural
communities, demand already exceeds supply. Only an estimated 10 percent of cardiologists
practice in rural areas.

For one rural hospital in Texas, this imbalance presented a major problem for its patients….
and a significant opportunity.

Managing Cardiac Arrest

Managing on-call service for more than one million patients, Access Physicians pioneered the development and use of Code Blue telemedicine programs for patients experiencing cardiac arrest in 2015.

These cutting-edge programs show significant outcomes:

  • Reduce time to effective resuscitation and mortality.
  • Align care delivery with clinical guidelines.
  • Elevate the standard of care for nurses, respiratory therapists and other healthcare professionals.

Maternal Fetal Medicine

Access Physicians brings highly specialized maternal-fetal expertise and subspecialty care to more women through the power of telemedicine.