Our mission is simple: Bring clinical excellence to medicine by delivering world class physicians and redefine the standard of care in telemedicine.
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Reliable, Secure Technology in the Service of Patient Care

With an Access Physicians telemedicine program, hospitals get unparalleled specialty and subspecialty coverage delivered via tele-technology that supports
the patient-provider relationship. The technology prioritizes ease of use, high-reliability, immediate resolution of any maintenance issues and second-to-none uptime.


Designed by Physicians

Sleek, high-resolution display HD camera with tele-specialist remote control to pan, tilt and zoom. Secure, HIPAA-compliant video. Digital stethescope. Antimicrobial coating.

Enhancing the experience

Recognizing the desire to meet face-to-face with a physician, our physician-founders envisioned an experience that helps patients quickly look past a virtual experience and fully benefit from the insight and professionalism of our world class specialists.

Connectivity and Performance

With wifi and wired connectivity, performance consistently maintains a high-resolution. With an integrated stethoscope, physicians can monitor key vitals through the portal.

  • HD Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera
  • Apple® iPad® with data plan
  • 27-inch Apple® iMac®
  • No-click launch
  • Sturdy shelf for charts
  • Flat cleanable surfaces
  • Wired keyboard and trackpad
  • Wi-Fi hotspot with data plan
  • Digital stethoscope
  • Antimicrobial coating
  • Hotswappable components
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Hospital-grade reel casters

High-Reliability. Clinical Excellence.

The technology is the platform by which we put world-class specialists in hospitals, at the patients’ bedside, 24 hours a day, seven days a week in a fraction of the time of traditional on-call or coverage programs.

Tech Support With a Clinical Sense of Urgency

Our US-based health IT professionals are accountable to clinicians and trained for telemedicine support. They answer the call for help with a clinical sense of urgency because minutes matter, and failures to remain calm, communicate clearly and follow protocol affect patient outcomes. Current resolution time is < 3 minutes.