Our mission is simple: Bring clinical excellence to medicine by delivering world class physicians and redefine the standard of care in telemedicine.
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Bringing together experienced leadership in the development of high-quality telemedicine programs for hospitals and health systems.

Founded by physicians for hospitals and health systems of all sizes, our team crafts telemedicine programs prioritizing the needs of a local community first and foremost.

Chris Gallagher, M.D. is board-certified in internal medicine and cardiovascular disease and serves as the CEO of Access Physicians.

Chief Medical Officer

Saurin Patel, M.D. is board certified in internal medicine with expertise in developing systems resulting in higher efficiencies and better outcomes.

Chief Operating Officer

David Mikula's experience includes leadership with large multi-state health systems, overseeing business development and other areas.

Chief Technology Information Officer

Erica St. Angel's experience includes two decades leading digital transformation in the corporate, startup, and public sector.

Vice President Client Services

Erika O'Donohoe serves as Access Physicians' vice president of client services.

Need Help Designing The Right Telemedicine Program?

Contact us to project a return on investment, deliver the right care for your patients, and create physician capacity.

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