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Erica St. Angel

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Erica St. Angel
Chief Technology Information Officer
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Erica St. Angel's unique background features over two decades leading digital transformation in the corporate, startup, and public sectors, with an emphasis on outcomes, engagement, and revenue.

As an executive for publicly-traded companies, digital health startups, and a digital marketing agency, she developed a proven and award-winning strategy for generating results through technology, enterprise customer relationship management, business innovation, and departmental alignment. St. Angel also served as policy advisor on health, commerce, and education in the administrations of Illinois Governor Jim Edgar and Wisconsin Governor and former HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson. She has presented at over 400 conferences and webinars and earned industry recognition for her work, including the Oracle Award for Automation Excellence and Forrester Groundswell Award for Social Technology.

Specialty Chief Technology Information Officer
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With the Access Physicians partnership, we are enhancing the level of care provided at Palo Pinto General Hospital. We have 24/7, 365 days a year Tele-Pulmonary and Critical Care coverage so we can keep more patients closer to home and improve access to care.
Ross Korkmas
“In just one year of telecardiology partnership with Access Physicians, we have kept more than 100 patients in our hospital, avoiding transfer to remote hospitals and providing integrated, high quality care for our patients right here at home.”
Lynn Falcone
"With Access Physicians, our patients needing infectious disease care in our wound care center, hospital, and emergency department no longer have to travel to San Antonio or wait for care. We are able to provide this important service on site, when and where they need it most."
Cory Edmondson
President & CEO
"Access Physicians’ maternal-fetal medicine subspecialists are highly-skilled, approachable, and highly-responsive. Their professional rapport and connection with our sonographers and patients make the virtual interaction meaningful and efficient."
Ben Buentipo