Our mission is simple: Bring clinical excellence to medicine by delivering world class physicians and redefine the standard of care in telemedicine.
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Clinical excellence through telemedicine.

Systematically improving patient care delivered through a unique combination
of clinical workflows, elite physicians, and an authentic medical experience.

Founded By Physicians
For Hospitals

Reforming physician interactions at the bedside

Guidelines and practices to select the best specialists

Cost-effective technology with 24/7 support

Return on investment and market analysis

1:1 Relationships shorten time to clinical encounter

Custom clinical program for each specialty

Board-certified/Board-eligible physicians
high-acuity patients
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Decreased LOS

With our tele-hospitalists, hospitals experience, on average, a 15% decrease in length of stay.

With our tele-specialists, hospitals retain more high-acuity patients.

With our tele-specialists, hospitals can reduce unnecessary transfers to other facilities by 30 to 60%.

9 out of 10 patients would recommend Access Physicians to a family member or friend.

Up to 20% increase in Case Mix Index, with some facilities achieving even higher results.

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Increased ICU census

With our tele-pulmonary & critical care specialists, hospitals see a 2 to 3x increase in ICU census while decreasing length of stay.

More than technology.

Access Physicians knows that delivering care today means delivering telemedicine with more than technology. To our hospital partners, it’s about more than a high-definition digital display. It’s about more than the camera’s specs. It’s about delivering the best experience for patients, physicians, and nurses. Delivering world class care with better outcomes and ROI.

World Class Physician Specialists

Access Physicians designs telemedicine programs based on the market’s needs, helping small rural hospitals keep patients closer to home with access to world class physicians, and proving large health systems with specialty physician capacity where it’s needed most.

Workflow and Team Integration

Delivering great care for patients means providing seamless systems for providers. From physicians to nurses, we improve satisfaction by addressing specialist accessibility and application of bed side manner through the screen. Our process enhances an interpersonal co-working relationship that enhances knowledge, skill and experience as partners in high-quality care delivery.

Chris Gallagher, M.D. is board-certified in internal medicine and cardiovascular disease and serves as the CEO of Access Physicians.

Chief Medical Officer

Saurin Patel, M.D. is board certified in internal medicine with expertise in developing systems resulting in higher efficiencies and better outcomes.

Chief Operating Officer

David Mikula's experience includes leadership with large multi-state health systems, overseeing business development and other areas.

Chief Technology Information Officer

Erica St. Angel's experience includes two decades leading digital transformation in the corporate, startup, and public sector.