Our mission is simple: Bring clinical excellence to medicine by delivering world class physicians and redefine the standard of care in telemedicine.
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High Acuity Specialty Care Delivering Superior Outcomes

Proudly partnering with hospitals to deliver high-quality care.


Providing World-Class Cardiology Care

With Access Physicians’ telecardiology program, more patients can get world-class cardiac care in their local communities. Hospitals reduce unnecessary transfers of patients to other facilities and retain more high-acuity patients.



Delivering High Quality Inpatient Care With Tele-Hospitalists

With inpatient hospital care increasingly focused on patients with complex, high acuity conditions, having a hospitalist to manage and coordinate patient care is essential. With Access Physicians’ tele-hospitalists, hospitals of any size can have dedicated hospitalists almost immediately available as needed to provide:

– 24/7 on demand access to hospitalist care.
– Night shift and/or on-call support for hospitals’ existing hospitalists to ensure 24/7 coverage.
– Surge and physician coverage to fill crucial gaps.

Tele-Neurology & Acute Stroke When Seconds Count

From strokes and Parkinson’s disease to migraines and vertigo, Access Physicians’ tele-neurologists diagnose and manage a range of neurological conditions. And, when seconds matter, having an Access Physicians tele-neurologist available 24/7 for patients experiencing a stroke can mean the difference between life and death.


Improving Maternal Outcomes With Maternal-Fetal Telemedicine

Access Physicians brings highly specialized maternal-fetal expertise and subspecialty care to more women through the power of telemedicine. Our comprehensive MFM telemedicine program is designed to bring the full-spectrum of high-risk pregnancy care to underserved communities.

Cost-Effective Tele-ICUs for Forward-Thinking Hospitals

Access Physicians’ tele-pulmonary and critical care specialists build and sustain ICUs for small and rural hospitals so that more patients can get high-acuity, complex care close to home. Our programs deliver collaborative ICU care, consultation and support for critical care patients.

Meeting the Demand for Infectious Disease Expertise With Telemedicine

Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, demand for infectious disease specialists was high. Yet, the availability of infectious disease specialists, particularly in rural areas, is not keeping up with demand.


With Access Physicians, hospitals of any size can connect with a board-certified infectious disease specialist via secure, high-resolution technology in minutes to diagnose, treat and manage patients with difficult, unusual, or complicated bacterial, fungal, viral and parasitic infections.

Reducing Mortality With Telemedicine Cardiac Arrest Management

Access Physicians pioneered the development and use of Code Blue telemedicine programs for patients experiencing cardiac arrest in 2015.


These programs have reduced relative mortality rates by 17 percent and absolute mortality rates by 1.8 percent. Since the inception of the Code Blue programs, Access Physicians has provided on-call cardiac arrest management for more than 1 million patients.


Driving Efficiency
and Satisfaction in Operations

The unique factor driving Access Physicians' effectiveness for patients, nurses and physicians, is its workflow that aligns with hospital operations to deliver world class care.

With the Access Physicians partnership, we are enhancing the level of care provided at Palo Pinto General Hospital. We have 24/7, 365 days a year Tele-Pulmonary and Critical Care coverage so we can keep more patients closer to home and improve access to care.
Ross Korkmas
“In just one year of telecardiology partnership with Access Physicians, we have kept more than 100 patients in our hospital, avoiding transfer to remote hospitals and providing integrated, high quality care for our patients right here at home.”
Lynn Falcone
"With Access Physicians, our patients needing infectious disease care in our wound care center, hospital, and emergency department no longer have to travel to San Antonio or wait for care. We are able to provide this important service on site, when and where they need it most."
Cory Edmondson
President & CEO
"Access Physicians’ maternal-fetal medicine subspecialists are highly-skilled, approachable, and highly-responsive. Their professional rapport and connection with our sonographers and patients make the virtual interaction meaningful and efficient."
Ben Buentipo